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Monday, 10 February 2014

LowLife are a small and friendly family company with 15 years experience camera tracking in the film and T.V. industry. Together with two years of planning, design and construction we are very pleased to introduce the "LowLife" camera tracking low loader  vehicle. It's bespoke design and technical features make this the most advanced articulated low loader available today.
The LowLife low loader not only enables easy loading, efficient rigging with a very comfortable crew compartment, the trailer conforms to the latest type approval requirements passing both IVA and VCA which includes the legal requirement for EBS, TEBS2, 2S2M braking system.
Our ethos is to provide you with the ability to work efficiently, productively and safely.

Please don't hesitate to contact Steve Weekes 07970 796088 info@lowlife-lowloaders.com for further information.

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